Phoenix Flex System Detail

To view this interactive pdf you must download it to your computer then open with Acrobat Reader.

Download the Phoenix Flex System 3D Detail pdf here.

(if the above link does not save to your computer then right click on it
 and select “save link as…” to your desktop)


Press play below to see a quick example of what you can view with this downloaded pdf.


To view 3D Interaction

Step 1: Download the pdf to your computer and open in Acrobat Reader.

Step 2: Click on the dropdown arrow next to the Toggle Cross Section icon. 
Select “Show Cross Section”


Step 3: Select “Cross Section Properties” and alter the setting and Tilt options.


Step 4: Save/Close settings and then rotate the diagram in any direction.
Repeat Step 3 for other angles.




Get Adobe Reader

You need adobe reader to view this pdf. Download it here for free if you do not have it.